Is the Christian Church Engaged in the Satanic Practice of Racial Discrimination?

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By Boot!

World Hypocrisy in Christian Church on Race

Is the Christian Church engaged in the satanic practice of racial discrimination? In a Christian dominated world, so-called colored people cry out in churches like Moses, speaking of the abuse and oppression of the so-called white majority. Yet the Christian so-called white majority treats them like the Pharaohs treated Moses. Apparently, they don’t hear them!  They don’t address the same burdens that Moses suffered in a meaningful way. I am thinking that if the Christian church were truly in line with the moral values of Christ then the world would be a better place.  Think about it,  if you are a person of a cocoa hue. You were created by God almighty as a beautiful decent human only to have an imposed fake system of devaluation placed upon you by an international judgement of people so shallow that they would commit atrocities against you. The perpetrators hatred is so great that they would disregard the God that they pray to.

Racial Discrimination – An International Issue

In some parts of Asia people take many measures to avoid direct sunlight fearful of gaining a tan on their already olive skin. The rational for them is simple. The darker your hue, the harsher treatment you get in a shallow society influenced by Western Christian values run amuck. Imagine how a more civilized society in the future will discuss this draconian behavior and how it was eventually devalued by an enlighten world.

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Are You #climbingair?

Today we call ourselves civilized and followers of religious ideologies such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and of any religion that proclaims morality? Then I would ask the leadership in those religions, “What have you done to wipeout such an ugly abominable system in place where people are ranked based on complexion?” This is an international problem.  What would Christ say about this problem? Are you telling me that Jesus Christ would not have voiced condemnation of human suffering and racist oppression? So, are you worthy to call yourself the leadership of the moral majority in your nation? If you are worthy, then please tell us the last time you spoke to your nation about the problem of judgements on darker complexion human being.  And tell us if they respected you enough to inform you that some form of implementation addressing this abomination will take place that one can notice and read about satisfying your theology and addressing immoral racial assault behavior. If this cannot be done, then your righteousness is in line with #climbingair!

  We know that internationally religion is practiced most with a concept of human goodness, but all condone racism! If, I should try and rationalize this behavior, I can only conclude that people of a cocoa hue are not protected by God and the worshipers know this and they disregard these people and it is ok with their God?

The Racial Slander Has Been Devastating

The Christian lie about Ham being turned Black due to sin has been a message of Satan and the greatest lie ever told in the history of man. So great has this lie been that it has caused the death of millions of very decent people. We must demand that the religious leadership of countries around the world practicing moralistic education speak about and include in their teaching the horror of judging humans varying shades of cocoa hues. 

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