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Fort Mose, St. Augustine Interview

https://youtu.be/xyQvgOpYvQs Mari Hayes interviews Thomas Jackson, an historic reenactor and member of the Fort Mose the Historical Society, St. Augustine, Florida.

Eliminate Figure Of Colored Man

Hall states today in America discrimination against black men manifests disproportionately in many extremes such as higher incarceration, unemployment, mortality, lower...
Black soldier fought in the Civil War - in position behind a house with rifles near Dutch Gap Virginia

Black Soldiers Fought in the Civil War

Many of you may have seen the movie “Glory” which featured Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.  This award-winning film told the story...
Former slaves after Emancipation

How Many Slaves Landed in the US?

I am sharing this article from The Root because I was completely floored by the massive numbers of African peoples who were transported into...


My friend’s father was one of the Montford Point Marines.  Until she told me his story, I had never heard of this...