Eliminate Figure Of Colored Man

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Hall states today in America discrimination against black men manifests disproportionately in many extremes such as higher incarceration, unemployment, mortality, lower wages, lower education, racial profiling, stereotypes, service industry, and human rights abuse.

The only black man in the band is playing the trumpet. Racial bias causes a member of the production team to ask the stage designer to take him out of the drawing.
Eliminate Figure of Colored Man speaks to the man on the right playing the trumpet.

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Army retired Senior Sergeant Victor Hazon Hall states he has discovered a work of art with racist instructions to remove a black man from a performance set to be held in New York City. The work of art is for a setting or flat for SWING STREET BLUES, a New York City production. It was purchased in a box with over 300 original works to include the NUTCRACKER, WIZARD OF OZ, SLEEPING BEAUTY and many more Broadway productions. It was discovered in an Atlanta flea market.

Hall said, “Stapled to the back and typed on business paper is correspondence between a southern art designer and a New York producer for the arts”. The dialog expresses the 8 ft. high by 11 ft. wide construction has to fit on the performance stage, and a directive from the New York City producer to the southern artist is “Be Sure to Eliminate Figure of the Colored Man in the Orchestra on the Flat”. Written on the back of the drawing are words in conjunction with construction critique “don’t forget to remove the colored man.”

Hall takes into consideration that the drawing is of around 1957 or there about, at a time when racial injustice was at its peak. However, it is concrete proof of blatant racial discrimination in America in the entertainment industry and workplace. He said, “people marvel at the so-called change in America, but blacks know better as we suffer the indignation of oppression daily.” Hall stated that his experience and education informs him that black men especially are the most discriminated against human beings in America.

The way he sees it, this dialog may be an example of what is happening to a certain colored man in Washington, DC. Hall “said many times blacks are plotted against and undermined in American society to deny or remove them from key positions and jobs.”

“My life experience in America has been filled with a struggle against discrimination and oppression from the time I was born to present day,” said Hall. Hall said, “he was discriminated against by the Fort Benning Contracting Office that would not hire him although he possesses a specific advanced degree for the jobs relevant to that office he applied to for several years”. Hall “said he spoke to a top official at that office by phone and informed that he was a severe service-connected disabled veteran.” Hall stated he told the official that he was out of work and money, and in dire need of employment.

Hall informed this person that he had a master’s degree specific to the job they were hiring for. The official asked Hall during the conversation “if you are so smart, why did you stay in the Army so long”? He said, “he begged the official for the job, but they did not hire him.” He said his daughter asked him, “how could they do that to you, and you are a service-connected disabled retired veteran of the United States Army Infantry “?

Hall said,” He believes the title of this press release is indicative of his life experience in America as a black man”. He has recovered a lost masterpiece by Martin Johnson Heade and after the years of research and thousands of dollars spent on conservation and scientific analysis the work is yet to be authenticated. He said his research indicates that the work is one of the most important works in American Natural Art History and is connected historically to John James Audubon and the salt marsh seaside finch. Said Hall, “the scientific analysis and American historical documentation to support the work has not made a difference”.

Hall stated he believes that his discovery and research suffers from racial oppression. He said, “as everyone knows, blacks in America historically have had many discoveries taken from them”, and is considering donating the drawing to the African American Museum, as concrete proof of what goes on behind closed doors and blatant racism.

Here’s the press release https://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/12/prweb9012861.htm