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This drawing depicts the depression and weight of discrimination and micro aggression on people of African origin
“Lithograph Piece by Charles White” by shackamaxonbaby is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There can never be peace in the world because of those who have not been educated on the origin of humanity in Africa, and our education system’s promotion of culturally biased curricula. These biases seed stereotypes that are broadly disseminated in society.  Information is tailored to support a racial hierarchy and advantage those in power. The uninformed will continue to associate stereotypes to things as simple as the superiority of lighter skin with the right to abuse and subordinate other human beings. The behavior of these people is typically unnatural and does not follow humane interactions. And it could be considered a lower form of behavior than many lower species of animals.

Unnatural Behavior and Micro Aggression

There are many resulting forms of unnatural behavior and micro aggression. Some common examples include verbal or physical assaults on the dignity of innocent people, mostly unprovoked. One example is to create a biased environment in one’s own country; or when a former colonial power treats the native people and new immigrants less than human due to complexion or social status. This is a form of social dominance and a projection of weakness manifested and replicated for control.

Often you encounter humans treated unnaturally, such as refusal to recognize their presence or wait on them in bars. The abuser may socially seek to dominate these people by cutting the line and walking in front of them. Other examples of unnatural behavior that I have directly observed are walking into the victim on sidewalks, slapping, kicking, eyeballing, no service, standing in front of the person at social events and just a profuse barrage of unnatural rude and condescending behavior from the brute insistent on inequality.

Justification of Unnatural Behavior

Unnatural behavior usually manifests itself in people that are struggling with superiority complexes. They project their weaknesses on people like a drug addict needing a fix, but the void in them will never be realized without some type of change in the way they view themselves, and education in humanities to expose their unnatural behavior. Religion will not help because to them God looks like them, which is a form of justification for their unnatural behavior even though it is contrary to the religious beliefs. They simply think, “Well God was not talking about being nice to them because of their complexion or so-called race”. This mindset is ubiquitous and pervasive in just about every culture outside of Africa. It is an amalgamation of a cultural discord run amok and contrary to human nature in the face of morals and religion.   

Original Homo Sapiens from Africa

Africans the world over must realize that there is indisputable scientific proof that we are the original Homo Sapiens. Africans also originated the thought that we are God’s Chosen People.  These facts do not infer supremacy, but the facts must be shared because at this point, we are the most abused people in the world, with an imposed inferior scar that has been assimilated globally much to the satisfaction of the ignorant supremacist.    

Ridding Humans of Unnatural Behavior

We have a profoundly serious task before us which does not come from anyone but God almighty. That task is to rid the world of evil, hatred, inequality, and social dominance. These behaviors are completely unnatural and are of the Biblical Beast. 

How do we recognize the Beast? We recognize the beast through its unnatural behavior. How do we defeat the Beast? We defeat the Beast by rejecting every unnatural assault from the Beast on your dignity. You refuse to cooperate and be part of any ignorant acts of supreme behavior. If timid, walk away from the situation! Do not take part and do not respond to any type of dominance whether mundane or intellectual. The Beast does not recognize common courtesy. It takes your kindness as weakness. 

Mentally release the effects of micro aggression and unnatural behavior
“African Profile at Peace with the World” by desertdutchman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is completely natural to want to be respected and even accepted as a human being, but we find that we are going to have to make it happen! The day that you claim your historical look in skin tone, hair, and demand for respect, will be a major victory. It starts with the African individual. Reject all subordination hatred and be yourself! God would be pleased!