Is it natural for humans to interact on a humane level in society?

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I have looked around the world and seen things that made me so glad to be alive and want to share a place here in America with humans of all persuasions. It sends loving and positive emotional echoes through my mind and body. Then what is the problem? The problem is the lack of consistency and the many negative encounters that as a human being I experience three times a week on average. These negative encounters are also happening abroad.

Human Frailty in Judgement

I was reminded of human frailty in judgment, about a year ago, as I traveled in South Africa and witnessed remnants of apartheid, and the detrimental damage that I perceived from the very humane and decent people so affected. I saw people walk in front of other people that were waiting in line for goods and services. I saw an imposed system of complexion judgments that would make Satan blush. My heart went out to the victims, as I struggled to make sense of a system that was founded in the very pits of hell where the disciples of Lucifer give orders and direct souls to line up for a bath in an eternal sea of fire and destruction.               

A sign welcoming people to Soweto
Soweto (South Western Township) – one of the largest townships in South Africa
Welcome to Soweto by olechkaok is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I thought to myself, how great America really is, comparatively, and how we have a very long way to go here to satisfy the true meaning of what it is to be humane. We too have a system of judgments based on complexions that have caused wars, and today threatens to destroy the values so aspired to by most Americans, in whom the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and a moral God instilled an expectation of moral treatment. The discrimination I experience is important for several reasons, but the most significant reason may be that it is the same discrimination applied to all that look like me regardless of education, morals, finance, and any other achievements. These are assaults on human dignity and God-given respect.                                                                                                                                                                              

Rejection Based on Complexion

My wife came home from a board meeting one evening, as she is on the board of a national human rights organization that deals with human care and family planning. My wife said that one of the board members, a white lady, had started a business dealing with estates. My wife informed the lady that I was into art and the lady stated she was interested in talking to me about my experience. So, there was a plan made for me to meet her at the next board party. When my spouse and I arrived at the party we were greeted by the host, proceeded in and started introducing ourselves and socializing. When my spouse introduced me to this lady, there was a strange look on the woman’s face. She never talked to me about art or anything. Following the party my spouse felt she seemed distant. I have no idea what happened other than maybe she thought my spouse was married to a white man, based on my wife’s very fair complexion. This is very typical in our relationship, but a prime example of racist judgement based on complexions.

While an African man sits in a bar in Spain, the bartender hits him in the head with a bottle drawing a great deal of blood due to his complexion. This and millions of examples symbolize a world that is cruel, satanic and evil!         

Unfortunately, I have seen this type of judgmental behavior all my life! If not perpetrated against me, then against some other innocent African human somewhere in the world who has a God given right to be treated like a human being.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Negative Effect of Judgement

What are the effects of a judgmental world on people of African descent? The effects have caused devastation, affecting everything including freedom, incarceration, poverty, mental illness, social disease, educational deficit and world rejection, all based on a lie!

The inhuman and atrocious behavior against an innocent human society so naturally deserving to be treated with respect and dignity has caused damage so shameful that this behavior is easily termed an abomination.

Raised fist
Power to the People

Stay strong

All human beings are born with an innate expectation that they will be treated as they are in the world. When this does not happen there is a disconnect with nature. I find that as an African we must know who we are and have a strong sense of why someone would assault us unprovoked. With the knowledge of the evil that confronts us daily, we can have some sense of psychological balance in knowing that we are as good as anyone, and no man is above another. 

To all African people of the world, reject any judgments against you based on complexion and being an African. The idea that fair complexion is superior, as in South Africa, is an abomination to the creator. Do not submit to human indignation of any kind because of who you are. Stand up against anyone anywhere that would attempt to rob you of your dignity. The time has come that we must end the lie that we are less than based on complexion!