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Fort Mose, St. Augustine Interview

https://youtu.be/xyQvgOpYvQs Mari Hayes interviews Thomas Jackson, an historic reenactor and member of the Fort Mose the Historical Society, St. Augustine, Florida.
African American history of black-eyed peas and a Hoppin' John recipe

Black-eyed Peas / Hoppin’ John – African Connection to American Food

Few people realize the strong influence of Africa on American cuisine. This is a connection that was intentionally buried because of the...

A Plea for Unity Amidst Coronavirus

In the USA, most of us have been social distancing for the last month.  We have, against our nature, stayed home, away...
We the People means all people.

Why Are White People So Angry?

The news reports, talk shows, social media posts are all focused on the anger, stress, frustration, anxiety felt by a segment of...
Dance in Ghana

Ghana 2019 – The Year of Return

Return to Ghana in 2019 - 400 Years Ago the First Enslaved Africans Land in America What’s the...
Two examples of Richard Bell's Liberation Art

Richard Bell – A Native Australian Artist

In this article, I am highlighting an artist that I bet most African Americans have never heard of. It only takes a little internet curiosity!
Three of the few remaining homes in the historic Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn NY

Weeksville Heritage Center and Historic Site

The Weeksville Heritage Center, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is a very special historic place which is now fundraising to survive.  Weeksville was...
Studio Museum building on 125th Street in Harlem NY USA

Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem

Hey people!  I have to share this traveling exhibit by the Studio Museum in Harlem.  If you have never been, let me tell you that...