Ghana 2019 – The Year of Return

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Return to Ghana in 2019 – 400 Years Ago the First Enslaved Africans Land in America

What’s the deal with 1619? Why does that number keep coming up in the news, on social media, on Spike Lee’s clothing line? The year 1619 is the year that the first enslaved Africans landed on North American shores. Four hundred years ago, the first enslaved Africans landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619.  This was the start of the African Diaspora, and since then, our ancestors were kidnapped, transported, and sold into slavery for the next two hundred plus years as victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade across the Middle Passage. To recognize the significance and importance of this milestone, Ghana has pronounced 2019 the year of Return to Ghana in 2019 – 400 Years Ago the First Enslaved Africans Land in America.

All members of the African Diaspora are invited back home, to Ghana, for a year long celebration. The celebration has been going on since January and will climax this August.  The list of activities includes concerts, business meetings, tours, and much more. This is a great opportunity for Africans of the Diaspora to visit and reconnect with our roots.  If you don’t get there by August then just come when you can.

This video sums it all up – “Year of Return, Ghana 2019”

Here’s more information about “Year of Return, Ghana 2019”

Accra Ghana which can be visited during the 2019 Return to Ghana Celebration

African Americans have been moving to Ghana for years.  They are assimilating and returning to our roots.  Here’s a link to a video about the African American Association of Ghana.  This organization provides support to African Americans who move to Ghana.

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