A Tribute to My African American Mother for Black History Month

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By Boots!

I cannot help but think that if everyone were taught the value of respecting others this world would be a better world! This is an important idea, this Black History Month. There appears to be a rise in social degradation directed at Blacks. I wonder where all the evil and mean treatment of humans comes from?

I Remember

I Remember what Momma said! I can see Momma now, as I think of what she said. I would look into her eyes as she lectured me, and as I stared in her face. It appeared that her eyes were as large as an owl’s eyes and wide open. Her beautiful chocolate skin had a smooth, even look about it. Her face, beautiful but strong. I learned much from Momma about how to be a decent human being. “You treat people with respect!”  “You treat people the way you want to be treated!”  I would say, “Yes Momma”. Momma would then say, “Do you hear me young man?”   I would say “Yes Momma”. 

Those Lessons

Those lessons from my mother penetrated me spiritually and became an amalgamated part of my character. I find, much later in life, that my reliance on lessons from Momma have saved my life both psychologically and physically, in what I see as a world insistent on assaultive micro aggressions. I want the world to know, this Black History Month, that heavy is the burden of social assault, but we will continue to be strong like Momma!

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