Searching for Inner Peace Today

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Peaceful South African Vista
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Our world can be so complex and taxing…high stress. Heightened everyday stress has propelled me on an intense ongoing search for peace. I find myself reading articles from numerous psychological forums, looking for insights that could bring me closer to understanding human behavior and why it is so lacking in humanity. Interestingly, the nature of people with our complex motivations, rationalizations, insecurities, ideologies, aspirations, quirks is mind boggling:

Comments Heard

“I cannot believe that you did or said that! “

“You are so superficial!”

“What motivates you to act in such a harsh or dominant way? “

“Why are you so angry?”

“Why are you so aggressive, with lack of concern for your fellow man?”

These actions show no regard and are downright intrusive to other people. Is it that bad?  You are likely materially accomplished to some degree. And you have a good job. You are in good health. So, what is wrong?

Pandemic Effect

Has the current pandemic and tense racial climate caused you to reassess what you thought important? Has it caused you to reconsider what money is and how you should spend it?  Have you thought about your fellow man, and what it means to see people as people, and step beyond artificial color designations?   

To Achieve Inner Peace

To achieve inner peace, we must grow spiritually. Be kind to others and treat them with dignity and respect. This shows you are worthy of the same. We have lost this essential humane interaction between people, so let us bring it back and show this as much as possible. Show the workers you value and respect them. Tip people that provide services to you in your daily life, as many service jobs are low wage and a tip goes a long way. When talking with nice people be honest and do not inflate yourself, as this is not a sign of inner peace. Be aware that we live in a complex society governed by laws and culture. You should always show people in society that you are human and that you aspire to the best behavior possible. Your self-image is reflected in your behavior. If it is good, show it and if it is bad, do what you need to do to fix it!

Four women in harmony
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Finally pray to God and thank him/her for everything. Be supportive and try to have a great time with each other during this crisis.  This creates inner peace and it is contagious…                                                                                                                                

By Mari Hayes